Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Healthy Parents: Find A Healthy Buddy

This month we’ve been hearing about parental nutrition from Heather Bauer from Nu-Train and learning all kinds of simple, easy ways to be healthy. What we’re learning is it’s just as much about the behaviors surrounding our eating habits as it is what we’re actually eating. It’s not about diets—it’s about habits and modeling those habits for children.

OSD: Can’t wait to hear tip #4 Heather! 
H: This is one that I’ve found particularly challenging in the hectic life of the busy family —but something you can try!


A 30 minute brisk walk with the stroller in the morning can really breeze by if you have some company.

OSD: Why is this important? 
H: Well, first of all, you're more likely to stick to a routine if someone is holding you accountable. Second, being healthy can be enjoyable. A walk can become part of your routine and double up as a social outing.

OSD: What about during the winter in snowy places or on a rainy day? 
H: Think about a local indoor track, or even a shopping mall. But try and make the walks brisk. Many communities have affordable gyms, some even with day care arrangements—or consider asking a friend or family member to help out to get that exercise in.

OSD: Okay, One Sassy Nutritionist, I may be calling you for a walk, soon!

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