Monday, April 9, 2012

Healthy Parents: Don’t Be The Family Garbage Disposal

This month of nutritional advice from One Sassy Nutritionist, Heather Bauer from Nu-Train has been wonderful. We’re all about sharing health, development and play tips on the One Sassy Doctor blog—and part of creating the healthy family balance is including parental nutrition in the mix. So, here we go with tip #3 from Heather!

OSD: I tried the separate dinner tip last night, actually, and had a cup of green tea with my kiddos on a night they were eating early—and then a quick & healthy salad with grilled chicken with my husband. Although I felt like I could fall asleep on my plate, I did notice I was hungry by the time I ate with my husband. He gets home later than me and the kids are usually bathed and close to bedtime. We had them sit with us and eat some fruit & yogurt for their dessert while we ate a healthy meal. Not quite the adult dinner of our dreams, but took your advice to heart! So, thanks for last week’s tip, loved it! So, Heather, give us your third One Sassy Nutritionist tip!  
H: All of these tips are about balance and recognizing the little “devils” that catch us off guard, that’s actually what my recent book Bread Is The Devil . And I have a great tip for you all this week:

HEATHER’S SASSY NUTRITION TIP #3: Don't be the family dishwasher.

OSD: Ummm, so who is going to wash the dishes? The dish fairy?  
H: I don’t mean it literally, you’re being silly! What I mean in this tip is that it is tempting to scrape that last bit of mac and cheese off your son's plate and pop it into your mouth but those calories really add up.

OSD: How so? Are those little bites really such a big deal if you’re running around all day?  
H: You’d be surprised. It adds up! A half of a chicken nugget here and a bite of buttered elbows there can equate to 200-300 extra calories per day!

OSD: And what would 200 calories extra a day mean in, say, a month?
H: Put it this way, 200 calories extra a day for an entire month is the equivalent of 2 pounds. Although it’s not precise because all of our bodies metabolize differently, cutting the human dishwasher action will make a significant difference.

OSD: Looks like an easy tip to pay attention to. Wow, this advice is awesome Heather!

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