Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Healthy Parents: Acknowledge Food Purchases

How could it get any better? A month full of nutrition tips from Heather Bauer—a nationally known nutritionist who has helped thousands maintain healthy lifestyles. We’re on the last of eight tips and this one is a good one.

OSD: So, I took a sneak peek and have to admit this is probably one we all could learn from. 
H: Here it goes, Dr. Jen. My last tip as One Sassy Nutritionist for this awesome month with you!


You're at the grocery store and you toss a box of some not-too-healthy-snacks into your cart thinking it's the perfect thing for your daughter's play date. Ask yourself who you're really buying those things for!

OSD: What do you mean, how do you know? 
H: If you end up ripping the box open on the way home from the store it's not really worth purchasing. Trust your instincts; listen to the voice inside you. Who are you buying that for? Avoid the un-healthy processed foods that tempt you—because they’re probably equally unhealthy for your children.

OSD: And we know already that modeling healthy eating habits is essential for young children from the start. There are so many options for lower-fat choices of common snacks, and even higher fiber (whole wheat) options of some of our favorites. 
H: Yes, and also pick up a healthy cooking recipe book or magazine and think out of the box! Low fat yogurts with fruit vs. chips—your kids will thank you!

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