Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sassy Pizzalicious Pizza

Welcome back to our series on healthy and fun snacking for toddler & family to enjoy. We covered healthy carb necklaces in our last post. Remember, our Sassy Suggestion is for a balanced colorful plate—so go ahead and switch these projects up—and we’d love to hear more about what you do on Facebook or Twitter.

As always, follow our food safety tips and make sure to accommodate any allergies or special needs your child may have!

Today we’ll focus on two super-sonic fun toddler foods that include various food groups:

Sassy Pizzalicious Pizza

So what’s a pizza? It’s whatever you want it to be—traditionally including a flat bread or dough, sauce and cheese. However, sassy as we are here, we have to include the amazingly healthy protein and veggie options you can add to your toddler pizza as well. Here we go!
  1. The “base”: think about whole grain  flat yet soft bread or dough. If using dough, make it into a fun activity pounding down flat with your little one!
  2. The sauce: taditional tomato sauce is simple and comes in low sugar varieties. Try PESTO for a switch-up—One Sassy Doctor’s kids love pesto pizza (just a little bit!). 
  3. The cheese: go for LOW FAT options and switch it up, you can use traditional mozzarella or try goat, American, swiss – or a combo. The more tastes and textures you introduce to your little one early on the better! 
  4. Add like crazy: shredded turkey or chicken, low-fat ground beef, safely cut veggies… Go to town and pick what your pizza is all about with your little one!
Now we’re hungry!