Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day Trip Packing Tips—Part II

In our postings, we explored day trip packing tips for a trip to the zoo. Today we’ll venture off to the pool or beach with your tots! Whoo hoo!
  1. Water bottle - filled (freeze half full and then fill to the top) 
  2. Basic first aid kit
  3. Camera 
  4. Hand sanitizer 
  5. Beach towels 
  6. Snacks! 
  7. Hat- keep the sun from beating down on your head! 
  8. Sunglasses 
  9. Sunscreen- this is important! Remember to reapply often. There’s nothing worse than a painful sunburn. 
  10. Swim suit 
  11. Water shoes 
  12. Wet wipes 
  13. Resealable bags – to put electronics (phone, camera) in 
  14. Picnic lunch - cooler, ice, lunch, beverages 
  15. Beach toys! 
  16. Tent or umbrella 
  17. Disposable swim diapers- if you've got a little one who may go-go
Remember, water can be dangerous for kids of all ages. Be sure you're keeping a very close watch on them, even if there are lifeguards.

So slather on that sunscreen and hit the sand and waves. Have fun!