Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Imitation is the Greatest Form of Flattery

It’s ridiculously cute to see a little one imitating mommy, daddy or an older sibling. It’s even cuter when the imitating is just a little bit “off”—for example, my daughter said “in the meantime”, and her little brother later said, “You are going to go into the mean time. Mommy why is time mean?”

Some little ones even imitate themselves!

And, believe me, my little one is certainly imitating my dramatic flair in this shot!

Imitation is the way babies, toddlers and older children learn about social interaction. By imitating language, like we described in our earlier interview with a speech pathologist, little ones learn to communicate. Imitating is contagious—and soooo cute.

One place we all should encourage imitation is at the kitchen table. Modeling healthy eating habits, like we described in an earlier posting is a great way to promote healthy eating. Speaking of eating, drinking is another area where imitation is important. If mommy drinks water, baby will follow suit. Mommy doesn’t drink from a bottle or sippy cup, right? So your little one will probably be super duper happy to drink from the Sassy Grow Up Cup™ as older siblings and grown-ups drink from an open cup—this is just about as close as a toddler can get!

It’s up to us grownups to model good behavior, talk a whole lot (easy for some of us, like One Sassy Doctor here!) and foster positive habits. Even the wee little sassy babies enjoy this wonderful form of flattery!

One Sassy Doctor suggests: