Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ticks & Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease and other tick-bourne illnesses are a serious health issue—and we can engage in activities that reduce the risk of getting bitten by a tick, and responding appropriately when we notice a tick. I chose to write about this topic on the One Sassy Doctor blog for two reasons—it’s a growing problem nationwide, and I have had personal experiences that have made spreading awareness about this topic very important to me.

Three years ago, my husband acquired a rare form of Lyme Disease that affected his heart conducting system, and last summer, my son acquired another rare form of Lyme Disease called Lyme Meningitis. Each required inpatient hospital care and an extended period of time with a home IV line. They are both—thankfully—totally fine. We are incredibly grateful that we recognized what was happening and had phenomenal medical care.

What I learned through this experience is to be even more vigilant about tick prevention. Neither my husband nor my son had a tick that we noticed. I’ve since become hyper-vigilant about checking for ticks and engaging in tick prevention as well as humanly possible. We happen to live in an area with a high rate of Lyme Disease, but this issue is pervasive and can happen in many areas of the country—and certainly during travel.