Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Why Does My Baby Have Pimples?

A reader asked Dr. Jen about her one month old’s facial rash. We thought we’d share the answer Dr. Jen gave on her website!

One thing babies and teenagers have in common: Pimples! Why? Hormones! It sounds like your baby has one of the multitudes of rashes that have many things in common:

  1. They are benign (harmless).
  2. They are transient (temporary).
  3. There is nothing we can do about them!
  4. They do not hurt your baby!
  5. They all have confusing names!
  6. They make for a good baby book photo.
  7. You should still show these rashes to your doctor.
Skin conditions that affect many young babies include neonatal acne, milia, miliaria, and erythema toxicum. The long and short of it is—do nothing except be patient.

One important point: If your baby ever has a red dot where the color does not go away when you apply pressure (called a petechiae) call your doctor (especially if this is accompanied by fever, behavior change or feeding difficulties). These dots may be a sign of infection or other medical problems.