Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gassy Babies & Tummy Time

A reader asked Dr. Jen about using gripe water for help with gassiness. We thought we’d share the answer Dr. Jen gave on her website!

What does the word “gripe” mean, anyway? I looked it up! Gripe means to complain about something. Well, if I was a baby with gas with a teeny tiny tummy just learning to work right, I’d certainly complain!

Sometimes doing something makes us feel better, even if that something doesn’t have scientifically proven data to support it’s effectiveness. My philosophy as a pediatrician and mother to two sets of twins is: if it doesn't do any harm and makes mom or dad feel a little bit better, it’s worth a try!

So long and short of it is there's no scientifically proven utility factor that makes gripe water a valid medicinal recommendation. However, there is no evidence to the contrary to suggest that it is harmful. If you use it, use a little bit (few drops) and keep a log to see if it makes any difference in your baby’s gassiness. You may also try a gentle tummy massage, gently lifting baby’s legs up and doing a little baby jiggy to loosen up the gas, and tracking the types of foods that your baby seems to get gassier from. Like all parenting challenges, this too shall pass (ha ha—no pun intended!).