Thursday, June 16, 2011

From More Mush to Mostly Mush!

From the age of 6-9 months to 9-12 months, your baby will go from just starting solids to feeding mostly solids and hopefully a well-rounded diet with plenty of colorful options. Your baby’s breast milk or formula intake will decrease over this time period to about 3 or 4 8-ounce bottles (or nursing feeds) a day. One Sassy Doctor’s favorite feeding game was the good old fashioned airplane with a splash of train tunnel and race car for my little boys. Making meal time fun is a great start to healthy family eating habits!

Babies will start to self-feed around the age of nine months when they develop the pincer grasp. This means your baby is able to use his or her index finger and thumb to grab things. That same index finger and thumb will also throw things so look out! Start with soft small pieces of the same kinds of foods your baby loved before self-feeding. I have a vivid memory of making my really, really good home-made chicken when my girls were nine months. They both puckered up like little guppies asking for some. So cute, so easy! Little teeny pieces of chicken on their plates—it was the first “family” meal. Same age, same food for our sons (and we made a whole big production out of it, a little finger foodie chicken party). I wonder if it was my husband’s plot to keep me cooking my chicken … Hmmmm …